Video How-Tos

Here you can view a few videos Elliot Cahn recorded with various people to explain some topics that come up frequently within the music and entertainment law industry.

The Importance of Copyrighting Your Music:

What You Need to Know About Copyrighting Your Music – Reflections on the Industry:

Elliot Cahn on Royalties:

Elliot Cahn on Contracts:

Crash Course with Gian Fiero: Persuasive Personal Management featuring Entertainment Lawyer, Elliot Cahn

In Crash Course episode # 5 (“Persuasive Personal Management”), Gian has an engaging and enlightening conversation with Elliot Cahn who provides true inside information on what you should consider before pursuing a career as a personal manager of music artists, what it really takes to succeed as one, and the greatest lessons he’s learned in his 30 years of managing acts such as Goapele and Green Day.

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